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We are dedicated to providing training and resources for under-resourced ministries. I knew how it was as a young inner-city youth leader when starting out in ministry, and I could not afford to attend the “fancy” Youth Pastors’ Conferences. We exist to provide high-quality, low-cost training for youth leaders in urban settings, who generally, are not able to attend professional conferences, and pursue academic degrees in youth ministry. Your tax-deductible donation enables us to continue to provide these trainings at affordable prices, and in some cases, at no cost to the ministry needing our help.

Thank you for considering supporting this venture that services youth leaders in urban settings.

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Donation Options

You can also help our ministry by doing your Amazon shopping using Amazon’s Charity site. Our ministry is listed as one of their charities, so every time you purchase an item through the site, a donation is made to our ministry.

Just click the link below (and save it) when you shop Amazon: