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Career Coaching for Students™

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Help Students find God’s purpose for their lives

  • Statistics show that 85% of adults are unhappy in their jobs

  • Studies show over 50% of students change majors 3 times

  • Most college students take 5 years to graduate

  • Extra time results in thousands of dollars in extra courses

Current research shows that if young people had a better understanding of themselves – who they are, how they are wired, and their values – matched with their gifts, talents and abilities, they would be much more equipped to make a well-informed decision on their college major. It is a certainty that if they know these things before entering college, they will make much better decisions about their majors, and courses they will take beforehand, and leading to better career choices after graduation.

We believe that they will be significantly more prepared with a solid education, “soft-skills,” and will be equipped for the interview process, after they graduate college.

Career Coaching for Students is a 16-hour course to assist students in finding God’s purpose for their lives. The course consists of lively, interactive sessions that serve to generate excitement, unearth vision and passion, and put the planning for the future into the hands of the students. The program provides them with the necessary tools, including fifty pages of personal assessment results that reveal not just personality and gifting, but also provide detailed analyses of the students’ skill set, behavioral style, and values. The course will then match the assessment results to specific career choices … and the journey begins.

Students will accomplish the following through the program:

  • Write a Personal Mission Statement
  • Analyze Career options and choices based on Personal Values, Behavioral Style and Talent Reports
  • Develop an Action Plan
  • Develop a SWAT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, opportunities, Threats)
  • Identify Soft Skill Competencies
  • Personal Interests, Attitudes, and Values
  • Identify Educational Requirements and create a continuing education strategy
  • Students will need to set aside time between sessions to work on assignments.

Contact us to schedule a Career Coaching for Students session. You can lower the cost of the course by hosting a group class. The minimum for a group is 6 students (the host attends for free). Ideal for a Homeschool Co-op!!

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