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Ministries/services we offer:

  • Training workshops for ministry leaders and students
    Sample Workshop Topics
  • Speaker: Churches, Camps, Retreats, Conferences
    Frequently Requested Topics Include:
    • “Connecting the Dots” – Practically understanding God’s Divine Sovereignty in your Life
    • “What in the World am I Here for?” Finding your purpose and calling in life
    • “A Passion for Christ” – How Falling in Love with Jesus Changes Everything
    • “Living Life with no Regrets” — How to Live a Life that Glorifies God and brings Ultimate Fulfillment
  • Pulpit Supply – Dr. Carrington is available to speak for a Pastor needing a well-deserved vacation or Sunday off; “Youth Sunday”; “Special Sunday”
  • Coaching & Consulting (ministry-related issues)
  • Mentoring Training for Student Mentoring Program
  • Career Coaching for Students – helping students find their purpose in life, and connecting it with real career opportunities
  • Pastoral Counseling – As a veteran youth leader, I know what it is like to struggle through personal issues, leadership dynamics, interpersonal conflicts, and ministry pitfalls. Contact us to schedule a phone conversation or an online session.

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