For a while now I have wanted to maintain our blog on the Urban Training Network site. But like with so many things in life, it consistently gets put on the back burner. I often tell people I can’t think of anything to write, and then I head off to teach a class at Trinity International University, or at Palm Beach Atlantic University, where I lecture for 4 hours each session! Apparently I have plenty to say, it’s just difficult to find the time (discipline) to put it on paper … ahhhm … Laptop.

Although there are a few posts on the page, this is the first installment of a “personal” blog , where I will share thoughts on topics, ideas for ministry, and reflections on current events.

My main areas of focus will be: youth ministry, cross-cultural ministry, culture, evangelism, discipleship, psychology/counseling, ministry in complex urban settings … and at times … life in general. Sorry, no sports or issues related to technology … I’m lucky I can turn on this thing :-).

I would very much like your feedback on the things I share. I am going to try to stay “generic.” In other words, I will share general principles that apply across the board without attempting to be too controversial. But I recognize that in this pluralistic world we live in, there are many worldviews, and alternative points of view. I welcome robust conversation, but I want to keep it open to a wide audience, and a comfortable place to share ideas. Please be respectful of others, and be mindful of the fact that we all come from a variety of cultural, denominational, and socio-economic backgrounds. So we may differ in our perspectives, and we may even disagree from time to time.  Let’s “major on the majors,” interact respectfully, and let’s have good conversation. Above all, let’s Glorify God in everything we say and do!

So, let me invite you to join me on this journey, and let’s see where it might lead. I suggest you “subscribe” to the feed so you will know when I have a new post. It will be good to have you on board with us! Now let me see if I can find the “send” button on this thing.

Tommy Carrington